The knowledge of HIV/AIDS

  •   Q:  What’s the transmission of AIDS?

A:   The main transmissions are  sexual transmission, blood transmission and mother-to-child transmission.

  • Q:  Which way will not infected with HIV?

A: The HIV can not transmit by these ways: food, air, courtesy hug,  biting of  mosquito,  using one bathroom or toilet, contacting  in public places, courtesy kiss, shaking  hands  without the skin is cut … 

  • Q:  Is everyone  likely to be infected with AIDS?

A: Yes, everyone can be  infected with AIDS if they do not pay attention to protect themselves.

  • Q:  How should we treat AIDS patients?

A:  HIV/AIDS patients need our care,  support and understanding. We should not discriminate and isolate them. They should get the best  care and treatment.

  • Q:  Which is  the way to test whether infected with the AIDS ?

A:  There is only one way to test whether infected with the AIDS. You can test by blood test.

  • Q: What should we do when infected by AIDS ?

A:  You should do regular health checks, keep a healthy lifestyle, do exercise properly, and   receive treatment actively.

If you can find one to talk to on your side, you can join  a HIV support group , HIV is not a taboo in these communities. These members are all living with HIV, you can support each other and share your experience about HIV with them.




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