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Have you been striving to find a reliable HIV dating site that could connect you with hundreds of thousands of HIV infected people from across the globe? Have you begun to feel that dating with HIV is only a distant dream that cannot be achieved?

If this is what you’ve been going through, we have come up with something that could change your perceptions about online HIV dating. Thanks to the inception of the internet, tones of dating sites have come up that have brought together people having STDs on a common platform. Indeed they have made it possible for people to interact with other like – minded people and make friends or find a life companion.

These sites have encouraged users to step out of the closet and explore the world of dating.  Online HIV dating sites have given users the impetus to find the love of their life. However, looking at the onslaught of dating sites that make a lot of promises, it has certainly become very difficult for an average internet user to choose a website that matches his tastes and preferences. aims to make things a tad simpler by listing out some of the best dating sites that they can choose from. Therefore, users are only required to check out these comprehensive reviews and choose a site that they think suits them best. Isn’t that easy?

Each site listed here has been assessed based on a host of parameters that include value for money, ease of use, membership base, chances of finding a date, privacy options and interactive features, among others. Checking out these reviews prior to taking a decision would help users save a great deal of time, which would have gone waste otherwise.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these detailed reviews composed by the most experienced dating experts in the industry. Dating with HIV is now possible, thanks to these specialist HIV dating sites.

The knowledge of HIV/AIDS

  •   Q:  What’s the transmission of AIDS?

A:   The main transmissions are  sexual transmission, blood transmission and mother-to-child transmission.

  • Q:  Which way will not infected with HIV?

A: The HIV can not transmit by these ways: food, air, courtesy hug,  biting of  mosquito,  using one bathroom or toilet, contacting  in public places, courtesy kiss, shaking  hands  without the skin is cut … 

  • Q:  Is everyone  likely to be infected with AIDS?

A: Yes, everyone can be  infected with AIDS if they do not pay attention to protect themselves.

  • Q:  How should we treat AIDS patients?

A:  HIV/AIDS patients need our care,  support and understanding. We should not discriminate and isolate them. They should get the best  care and treatment.

  • Q:  Which is  the way to test whether infected with the AIDS ?

A:  There is only one way to test whether infected with the AIDS. You can test by blood test.

  • Q: What should we do when infected by AIDS ?

A:  You should do regular health checks, keep a healthy lifestyle, do exercise properly, and   receive treatment actively.

If you can find one to talk to on your side, you can join  a HIV support group , HIV is not a taboo in these communities. These members are all living with HIV, you can support each other and share your experience about HIV with them.




Don’t say these words when dating

Many people don’t know what to say when  dating with others, especially for a HIV Single. Valentine’s day is coming, if you want to have a sweet date,you should not talk these words when dating which can leave a bad impression to your partner.

  • Why do not you speak?

When you finish all your words, if you directly ask him or her why don’t you speak? It’s offensive. You should ask your partner what do you think or change the topic of conversation .

  • Are you unhappy with me?

If your partner is unhappy or impatient, then you ask him or her are you unhappy with me? It’s impolite.You should ask your partner what’s wrong with you?  Not only can express  your care, and can let your partner pour out his or hers heart with you  .

How to adjust the mentality for people with AIDS ?

When people know himself or herself have HIV, them are very sad and despairing,even losing the confidence for life. But it’s wrong attitude to face the disease. Life can be defeated by disaster ,it also can sublimate in the disaster. Faced with HIV, how do we adjust  mentality ?

  •  Face reality. We should race against time,receive timely treatment.The earlier treatment begins, the better the prognosis.
  • Trust yourself and society. Otherwise, we will will isolate ourselves, lost the sense of belonging and the basic sense of security.
  • Positive action. Only action can ultimately change a person.

You may be upset and think your sexual life is over. However, once you settle down and learn the facts, you’ll realize that having HIV is not the end of the world, and it’s not the end of your social life.You have to first accept that you have this disease, love yourself and others will love you.You can find someone also with HIV to talk to and get support from them.